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Obyte is a wallet for storage and transfer of decentralized value. See

Binary Downloads

Main Features



Download and install NW.js v0.14.7 LTS and Node.js v5.12.0. These versions are recommended for easiest install but newer versions will work too. If you already have another version of Node.js installed, you can use NVM to keep both.

Clone the source:

git clone
cd obyte-gui-wallet

If you are building for testnet, switch to testnet branch:

git checkout testnet

Install bower and grunt if you haven't already:

npm install -g bower
npm install -g grunt-cli

Build Obyte:

bower install
npm install

If you are on Windows or using NW.js and Node.js versions other than recommended, see NW.js instructions about building native modules.

After first run, you'll likely encounter runtime error complaining about node_sqlite3.node not being found, copy the file from the neighboring directory to where the program tries to find it, and run again (e.g. from obyte-gui-wallet/node_modules/sqlite3/lib/binding/node-v47-darwin-x64 to obyte-gui-wallet/node_modules/sqlite3/lib/binding/node-webkit-v0.14.7-darwin-x64). If that didn't work, copy node_sqlite3.node from node_modules folder, which is got installed with installer file from website.

Then run Obyte desktop client:

/path/to/your/nwjs/nwjs .

If you have run grunt desktop then there is 0.14.7 NW.js also installed in cache folder.

Build Obyte App Bundles

All app bundles will be placed at ../obytebuilds dir, so create it first: mkdir -p ../obytebuilds



  • Install Xcode 7 (or newer)
  • Install Cordova 6 npm install cordova@6 -g
  • Run make ios-debug
    • In case of ios-deploy missing error: npm install -g ios-deploy
    • In case of DeviceSupport missing error, run cd /Applications/ && sudo ln -s 10.3.1\ \(14E8301\)/ 10.3
    • If you encounter 'bitcore' not found after app launch, install it also npm install bitcore-lib and remove ../bytebalbuilds/project-IOS folder completely, then rerun make again.
    • On code signing error, open Xcode project ../obytebuilds/project-IOS/platforms/ios/Byteball.xcodeproj in Xcode, open project properties, select Byteball target and set your AppleID account as a team. Xcode may also ask you to change bundle identifier to be unique, just append any random string to 'org.byteball.wallet' bundle identifier.


  • grunt desktop
  • copy node_modules into the app bundle ../obytebuilds/Obyte/osx64/, except those that are important only for development (karma, grunt, jasmine)
  • grunt dmg


  • grunt desktop
  • copy node_modules into the app bundle ../obytebuilds/Obyte/win64, except those that are important only for development (karma, grunt, jasmine)
  • grunt inno64


  • grunt desktop
  • copy node_modules into the app bundle ../obytebuilds/Obyte/linux64, except those that are important only for development (karma, grunt, jasmine)
  • grunt linux64

About Obyte


Obyte Backups and Recovery

Obyte uses a single extended private key for all wallets, BIP44 is used for wallet address derivation. There is a BIP39 mnemonic for backing up the wallet key, but it is not enough. Private payments and co-signers of multisig wallets are stored only in the app's data directory, which you have to back up manually:

  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/byteball
  • Linux: ~/.config/byteball
  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\byteball


Obyte uses standard gettext PO files for translations and Crowdin as the front-end tool for translators. To join our team of translators, please create an account at Crowdin and translate the Obyte documentation and application text into your native language.

To download and build using the latest translations from Crowdin, please use the following commands:

cd i18n
node crowdin_download.js

This will download all partial and complete language translations while also cleaning out any untranslated ones.



The GUI is based on Copay, the most beautiful and easy to use Bitcoin wallet.