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ByteCave Image Server, (c) 2019-2020 ByteCave. Usage under the MIT License.

ByteCave Image Server is an open-source mini webserver that sends a random image to your browser when a client sends any GET request. You provide a recursively processed folder containing the images to display. Those images are then shuffled and never repeated--on a per client connection basis--until all images have been displayed once. The process then repeats itself for subsequent image requests.


While image server networking is stopped:

Click "Default Folder" button to add default images folder for new connections. Click on any image button to specify images folder for specified IP address or to remove button for that IP address.

While image server is running:

Last displayed image displays on the surface of button associated with the IP address that requested the image.

Click "Default Folder" to display name of default images folder. Click on any image button that is not grayed out to display grand total of images ever displayed for that IP address and path of the last displayed image. Hover over any image button that is not grayed out to see tooltip containing the information above.

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