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Executing WebAssembly modules with .NET

This directory shows how a WebAssembly module can be executed by a .NET Core program.

While the Wasmtime for .NET API does not yet support the interface types proposal, this demonstrates how the markdown WebAssembly module can still be used from .NET.

When the Wasmtime for .NET API supports configuring Wasmtime's WASI implementation and WebAssembly interface types, this demo will be greatly simplified so that the glue code in Allocator.cs and Host.cs will no longer be necessary.

Installing a .NET Core SDK

Install a .NET Core SDK (version 3.0 or later) to build this project.

Building the WebAssembly module

If you don't have a Rust toolset install yet, use rustup to install one.

Next, install cargo-wasi for easy bootstrapping of targeting WebAssembly from Rust:

cargo install cargo-wasi

Build the markdown module:

cd ../markdown
cargo wasi build --release

Copy markdown.wasm to this directory:

cd ../dotnet
cp ../markdown/target/wasm32-wasi/release/markdown.wasm .

Running the .NET Core example

This demo will render a hardcoded Markdown string as HTML.

To run the application:

dotnet run

If everything went according to plan, this should be the result:

<h1>Hello, <code>.NET</code>! Welcome to <strong>WebAssembly</strong> with <a href="">Wasmtime</a>!</h1>
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