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A tool used to obfuscate aab resources.(Android app bundle资源混淆工具)
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A tool used to obfuscate aab resources

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Powered by bytedance douyin android team.


A tool used to obfuscate aab resources.

  • Merge duplicated resources: Consolidate duplicate resource files to reduce package size.
  • Filter bundle files: Support for filtering files in the bundle package. Currently only supports filtering in the MATE-INFO/ and lib/ paths.
  • White list: The resources in the whitelist are not to be obfuscated.
  • Incremental obfuscation: Input the mapping file to support incremental obfuscation.
  • Remove string: Input the unused file splits by lines to support remove strings.
  • ???: Looking ahead, there will be more feature support, welcome to submit PR & issue.

Data of size savings

AabResGuard is a resource obfuscation tool powered by the douyin Android team. It has been launched at the end of July 2018 in several overseas products, such as Tiktok, Vigo, etc. There is no feedback on related resource issues. For more data details, please go to Data of size savings.

Quick start

  • Command tool: Support command line.
  • Gradle plugin: Support for gradle plugin, using the original packaging command to execute obfuscation.

Gradle plugin

Configured in build.gradle(root project)

buildscript {
  repositories {
  dependencies {
    classpath ""

Configured in build.gradle(application)

apply plugin: ""
aabResGuard {
    mappingFile = file("mapping.txt").toPath() // Mapping file used for incremental obfuscation
    whiteList = [ // White list rules
    obfuscatedBundleFileName = "duplicated-app.aab" // Obfuscated file name, must end with '.aab'
    mergeDuplicatedRes = true // Whether to allow the merge of duplicate resources
    enableFilterFiles = true // Whether to allow filter files
    filterList = [ // file filter rules
    enableFilterStrings = false // switch of filter strings
    unusedStringPath = file("unused.txt").toPath() // strings will be filtered in this file
    languageWhiteList = ["en", "zh"] // keep en,en-xx,zh,zh-xx etc. remove others.

The aabResGuard plugin intrudes the bundle packaging process and can be obfuscated by executing the original packaging commands.

./gradlew clean :app:bundleDebug --stacktrace

Get the obfuscated bundle file path by gradle .

def aabResGuardPlugin = project.tasks.getByName("aabresguard${VARIANT_NAME}")
Path bundlePath = aabResGuardPlugin.getObfuscatedBundlePath()

Command line

AabResGuard provides a jar file that can be executed directly from the command line. More details, please go to Command Line.


After the packaging is completed, the obfuscated file and the log files will be output. More details, please go to Output File.

  • resources-mapping.txt: Resource obfuscation mapping, which can be used as the next obfuscation input to achieve incremental obfuscate.
  • aab: Optimized aab file.
  • -duplicated.txt: duplicated file logging.

Change log

Version change log. More details, please go to Change Log .


Read the details to learn how to participate in the improvement AabResGuard.



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