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Sample project for using OpenCV from a generated Java binding made with Bytedeco's JavaCPP technology.

On the command line, run:

$ mvn clean package 
$ ./target/maven-jlink/bin/stitch panorama_image1.jpg panorama_image2.jpg --output panorama_stitched.jpg

First time through, this is going to go off to the Maven Central Repository and download artifacts, including the native libraries for Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows (according to your current platform).

After running the above, take a look at the resulting file panorama_stitched.jpg. The two pictures to stitch are taken from Ramsri Goutham's blog entry on stitching panoramas with OpenCV.

The way that Java interoperates with OpenCV is fairly faithful to the original API, including capitalization. The classes and methods in the resulting Java binding have the same case as the C++ API. Indeed many are static methods.

There's command line passing going on, which strictly speaking is not really needed for a sample, as file names could be hard coded. It allows you to experiment a little, though.

After running the sample, you should be comfortable enough to use OpenCV in a Java solution of your own. Be aware, though, that JavaCV is a more developed framework around OpenCV and other libraries for real-world usage.

Authors: Paul Hammant and Hervé Guillemet

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