Start using OpenCV in your JVM project in just 1 line, no separate compiling, installing OpenCV, or fussing with your system required
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Makes it easy to start playing around with OpenCV (via JavaCV) in Scala without having to compile or install OpenCV on your own.

Configures the following dependencies in your project:

  • JavaCV
  • JavaCPP
  • JavaCPP Presets


In your project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("org.bytedeco" % "sbt-javacv" % version)

See the Maven badge for latest version.


By default, this plugin will download the appropriate binaries for the platform of the computer currently running SBT, you can modify this by setting it to another platform (for example, if you want to compile JARs to be run on other platforms)

javaCppPlatform := "android-arm"

For more details, see the SBT-JavaCPP plugin

Also, this plugin only pulls in opencv and videoinput JavaCPP presets by default. If you wish to add more, use the javaCppPresetLibs settings key and use ++= to append more (if you do not use append, you will end up wiping out the ones this plugin appends by default):

javaCppPresetLibs ++= Seq(
  "ffmpeg" -> "3.1.2"