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from facerec.feature import AbstractFeature
from facerec.classifier import AbstractClassifier
class PredictableModel(object):
def __init__(self, feature, classifier):
if not isinstance(feature, AbstractFeature):
raise TypeError("feature must be of type AbstractFeature!")
if not isinstance(classifier, AbstractClassifier):
raise TypeError("classifier must be of type AbstractClassifier!")
self.feature = feature
self.classifier = classifier
def compute(self, X, y):
features = self.feature.compute(X,y)
def predict(self, X):
q = self.feature.extract(X)
return self.classifier.predict(q)
def __repr__(self):
feature_repr = repr(self.feature)
classifier_repr = repr(self.classifier)
return "PredictableModel (feature=%s, classifier=%s)" % (feature_repr, classifier_repr)
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