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Retro snake game built with HTML5 Canvas and TypeScript
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Retro snake game built with HTML5 Canvas and TypeScript


This is a simple 2D game built from scratch with TypeScript 3.4 and HTML5 Canvas.

Getting Started

To run this project:

  1. Clone it to your local machine
  2. Ensure you have TypeScript 3.4 - to install it, type npm install -g typescript
  3. cd into the project directory (i.e. cd bytes or wherever you cloned the repo to)
  4. Run tsc to compile the application
  5. Serve the app with a static server such as serve


Bug reports, pull requests, and other contributions are welcome. As this was a simple example game that I developed with my kids to teach the concepts of simple game development and not a professional product, there may be errors or things missing which would otherwise be present.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions are also welcome (but please be courteous and professional). Thanks! -K

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