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Minimally Opinionated Serverless Microservice Project


  1. Install Java 8, Groovy, Kotlin, and Gradle - I highly recommend using SDKMAN to install any JVM-related packages.
  2. Install NodeJS and the Serverless Framework
  3. Amazon Web Services, GitHub, Travis CI, CodeCov and Sentry accounts

Create a new Serverless project

Using the Serverless Framework, you can create a new project by providing the base template microservice-starter:

serverless create \
  --template-url https://github.com/bytekast/serverless-templates/tree/master/microservice-starter \
  --path myservice

This project is pre-configured to use the following development tools and services:

This project makes a few assumptions before you are able to deploy the service in AWS.

First, you need to setup your AWS credentials/profiles in ~/.aws/credentials file.

aws_access_key_id = XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
aws_secret_access_key = XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
region = us-east-1

aws_access_key_id = XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
aws_secret_access_key = XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
region = us-east-1

Now you can go to the project directory, build the binaries and deploy to the DEV environment.


Test the functions locally or invoke the real instance in AWS to verify:


Additional Conventions / Configurations

Bug Tracking and Error Reporting:
  • This project uses Log4J to automatically create trackable bug issues in Sentry whenever a message with the ERROR severity is logged via log.error("...").
  • Update the serverless.env.yml file to provide the SENTRY_DSN environment variable so that issues are created in the appropriate project in Sentry.
Travis CI for Continuous Integration
  • When the project is enabled in Travis CI, the provided travis.yml will autodeploy the service to the dev AWS Environment.
  • The DEV_AWS_KEY and DEV_AWS_SECRET environment variables must be provided in .travis.yml.
  • Code Coverage reports are automatically uploaded to CodeCov if the CODECOV_TOKEN environment variable is provided in .travis.yml.
VPC for Security and Access Restriction
  • If deploying the microservice in a VPC, provide the necessary configuration - account ids, vpc ids, subnet ids and security group ids - in the serverless.yml file and uncomment the vpc section here.