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creating tag from 1.2. branch

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commit 50f9d296fbff6d166c899f85c728226dd42f95e8 2 parents 46618bb + 10986b7
@adinn adinn authored
Showing with 3 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +3 −4 build-release-pkgs.xml
7 build-release-pkgs.xml
@@ -76,15 +76,14 @@
<property name="tag" value="trunk"/>
<property name="filename" value="X.Y.Z.SNAPSHOT"/>
<property name="" value="jboss-snapshots-repository"/>
- <property name="mvn.url" value=""/>
+ <property name="mvn.repo.url" value=""/>
<!-- a working direrctory for the process. Can contain output from
previous releases if you like to keep them archived locally. -->
<property name="workdir" location="/tmp/packaged_builds"/>
<!-- where to get the source -->
- <property name="svnbase"
- value=""/>
+ <property name="svnbase" value=""/>
<!-- The tag as it appears under svnbase -->
<property name="tag" value="Byteman_1_2_2_1"/>
<!-- The file name base for the user downloadable files. Derive it
@@ -95,7 +94,7 @@
<!-- you probably don't need to change anything below here -->
<property name="" value="jboss-releases-repository"/>
- <property name="mvn.repo.url" value=""/>
+ <property name="mvn.repo.url" value=""/>
<target name="init">
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