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Byteman README

Byteman supports injection of side effects into Java programs for the
purpose of tracing and testing application behaviour.


If you have downloaded a binary release then unzip it into a target
install directory.

If you have downloaded a source release then unzip into a target
release directory. In that directory execute command 'ant install' to
build the byteman release. It will be found in a subdirectory named
install. The installed version contains the following subdirectories

  bin -- contains Unix scripts to simplify: using Byteman (;
      typechecking Byteman rule scripts (; and
      communicating with the Byteman agent listener (

  docs -- contains the Byteman Programmer's guide and license
      information for Byteman plus the third-party software it uses

  lib -- contains the Byteman agent and rule engine (byteman.jar)
      and a subset of this code needed to compile/run the submit
      client (byteman-submit.jar)

  sample/lib -- contains helper code for the sample scripts

  sample/scripts -- contains example rule scripts showing how to
      use Byteman

   contrib -- contains software contributed by other Byteman users

Using Byteman
Please consult the Programmer's Guide for details of how Byteman
operates, how to write Byteman rule scripts and how to run a Java
program with the Byteman agent in place.

Take a look at the sample scripts directory to see some examples of
how you can use Byteman to trace application and JVM execution
(n.b. these examples need extending to show how to use Byteman for
fault injection based testing).

See the copyright file in the docs directory for details of the open
source license under which this code is released. Note that this code
employs the ObjectWeb ASM package to do bytecode manipulation and the
JFlex and JavaCUP tokeniser and parser genereators to generate and
provide runtime support for the rule parser which are also released
under open source licenses.

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