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Boost.Reflect - Simple Reflection Library

The Boost Reflect library provides a means to describe the interface of a class or struct to provide compile-time and run-time reflection.

Some of the useful features provided by the Reflect library include:

  • boost::reflect::any - a class that can contain any object that implements Interface.
  • Use visitors to create dynamic interfaces.
    • RPC client/server stubs
    • Command Line Interface
    • Scripting Interfaces
    • Asynchronous Actors

Example: Simple Command Line Calculator

An example of how to create a command line calculator can be found in the examples directory.

#include <boost/reflect/any.hpp>

struct calculator {
    double add( double v ) { return result_ += v; }
    double sub( double v ) { return result_ -= v; }
    double result()        { return result_;      }

        double result_;

BOOST_REFLECT_ANY( calculator, (add)(sub)(result) )

int main( int argc, char** argv ) {
  boost::reflect::any_ptr<Calculator> s( new CalculatorService() );
  printf( "Result: %f\n", s->result() );

  cli  m_cli(s);

  std::string line;
  std::string cmd;
  std::string args;

  while( true ) {
      std::cerr << "Enter Method: ";
      std::getline( std::cin, line );
      cmd = line.substr( 0, line.find('(') );
      args = line.substr( cmd.size(), line.size() );
      std::cerr << m_cli[cmd](args) << std::endl;

  return 0;


add        double(double)
sub        double(double)
result     double()const

Enter Method: add(5)
Enter Method: sub(3)
Enter Method: result()

Boost.CMT can be built by checking out my development repository: https://github.com/bytemaster/dev

Installation ##

git clone https://github.com/bytemaster/dev
cd dev
git submodule init
git submodule update
cmake .
make install