platform-independent, multilingual Java desktop-application for intuitive and easy management of your OpenVPN servers
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at least JDK 8 required
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Welcome to the bytemine manager

The bytemine manager is a graphical Desktop-Application to manage OpenVPN Servers as well as users and certificates involved in the process.

The bytemine manager requires a Java 8 or newer runtime environment.

New bytemine manager repository

We had to start the bytemine manager repository from scratch. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Building packages

General requirements:

  • JDK, at least version 8
  • ant
  • ant-optional package

Windows In order to build the windows package simply call ant from your checkout directory. The archive will be created at ./dist/bytemine and contains a start-manager.jar to run the software.

Debian In order to build .deb packages on your machine at least the packages build-essential, cdbs, debhelper and dpkg-dev have to be installed, as the script uses dpkg-buildpackage. If these packages are installed simply run sh to create a .deb file inside the top directory of the current checkout directory. You probably need to adjust the JAVA_HOME directive in debian/rules.


Windows Executable To build a Windows executable file you have to install launch4j ( on your building platform. You may need to adjust the path to your launch4j installation in build.xml by changing the value of property launch4j.dir. The executable file will be contained inside the created archive.

Manuals To create the manuals during build process a TeX system has to be installed on your building platform.

Bundled dependencies

The bytemine manager comes with the following software components bundled: