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This is a simple VMOD for Varnish Cache which provides functions to handle language detection based on the Accept-Language header sent by the client.

This module can also be used to normalize the Accept-Language and therefore reduce the page variants cached.


Copyright (c) 2014-2021 by Byteworks GmbH. See LICENSE for more information.


Detecting language

It accepts the accept language header, a list of languages (separated by comma) and the default language. The given languages are evaluated and the best fit is choosen. If there is no match, the default language given is returned.

import lang;

sub vcl_deliver {
	# This sets resp.http.x-lang to the detected language
	set resp.http.x-lang = lang.detect(req.http.Accept-Language, "de,en,fr,it", "de");


This vmod can be built against a compiled varnish source, or against an installed varnish-dev/-devel package which includes the appropriate .pc files.


Before anything else is done, your source directory has to be initialized:



To build against a standard varnish development package, you should be able to simply invoke:

./configure && make && make check

(See ./configure --help for configure-time options)

This vmod can also be compiled against a pre-built Varnish Cache 3.x/4.x/5.x/6.x source by indicating the path to the (pre-compiled!) varnish source using the VARNISHSRC configuration variable, like so:

./configure VARNISHSRC=path/to/varnish-M.m.p && make && make check

Additional configuration variables and options can be found by invoking configure --help.

Check Targets

Libvmod-lang provides a set of simple unit tests driven by varnishtest. They can be executed as part of the build process by invoking make check.