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# Contributing
Thanks for wanting to help improve Handel! This page contains information you should know before contributing to Handel.

# Project Vision
The Handel project has a few goals:

* Sit at a higher level of abstration than vanilla CloudFormation to provide an easier user experience.
* Automatically and securely wire together services on behalf of users.
* Be organization-agnostic so Handel can be used by many different entities.

When contributing to Handel, please keep these goals in mind, as pull requests that run counter to these goals will likely be rejected. Handel's desire is to be an easier and more enjoyable experience than using vanilla CloudFormation.

## Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests
To report a bug or request a feature, submit a GitHub issue. One of the project maintainers will scrub the issue, discuss it, and schedule it on the roadmap if it makes sense to include in the project.

## Project Documentation
If you would like to contribute a pull request to Handel, read through the pages on the [repository wiki]( first. This wiki contains pages that detail the internal architecture of Handel.
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ resources, automatically wiring up the painful security bits between resources.
See the [Handel docs]( on ReadTheDocs for documentation on this library.

# Contributing
See the [Wiki]( for information on contributing to Handel.
See the [Contributing]( page for information on contributing to Handel.

# Credits
The concepts in this library were originally introduced by the platform engineers at [FamilySearch]( I've adapted their concept of Blueprints for use in this library.

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