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Ableton Link compatiable UGen for SuperCollider.
C++ CMake SuperCollider
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Ableton Link compatible UGen for SuperCollider.

live coding demo:


Benjamin Golinvaux

Download pre-built binaries

It include MacOS / Linux(Ubuntu AMD64) / Windows_x86/x64.

Build Required:

LinkUGen has some dependencies. You need to download (or clone) the SuperCollider3 and Link sources:

Build Instruction:

    $ cd "/path/to/LinkUGen"
    $ export SC3_SRC="/PATH/TO/SuperColliderSourceDirectory"
    $ export LINK_SRC="/PATH/TO/LinkSourceDirectory"
    $ export CXX="if not on OSX, set your C++ compiler. I recommend clang++ higher than 3.6. I failed to build it with g++ in Linux"
    $ cmake .
    $ make

after building, you should be move "LinkUGen(include Classes, 'Link.scx' or '')" to the SuperCollider Extension directory.

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