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PDLISP - CommonLisp in PureData.

PDLISP is PureData object for Lisp programmer.
It include codes from pdlua.
also, It include ecl header files. because name conflict.(pd and ecl).
I can't avoid this problem. so I modified ecl's header file.

currently It support OSX / Linux.
I don't have Window programming skill.

Binary(only i386)
      OSX   :
      Linux :

If you want build from sources...

Requires :
   PD or PD-extended and PD sources -
   ECL(Embeddable Common Lisp) -
         ..(I build ECL for static version. use disable-shared options)

install :
   You must set environment variables PD_INCLUDE and ECL_LIBS.
   It's path to pd(m_pd.h) and ecl.
   example) export PD_INCLUDE=/usr/include/pd
                   export ECL_LIBS = /usr/local/lib/ecl-13.5.1
   then. just type make.