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byu-theme-components CHANGELOG

Breaking changes between 1.x.x and 2.x.x

In addition to a new design to match the design of sites hosted with BYU websites, the have been some minor tweaks to the theme components API. According to the Semantic Versioning specification, these changes constitute a new major release. We have documented the breaking changes below so you know what you'll need to tweak to get the components working on your site. If you aren't using these changed feature listed belows, then no changes need to be made to use v2 of the BYU theme components.

IE 11 is no longer supported by the web community.


  • Previously deprecated supertitles have been removed.
  • The max-width attribute has been removed.
  • The full-width attribute has been removed.
  • The constrain-top-bar attribute has been removed.
  • The home-url attribute has been removed.


  • The transparent class has been removed.
  • Regardless of the number of menu items, they will always be left aligned.
  • The more menu has been removed.


  • Removed the deprecated onsearch attribute.


  • The max-width attribute has been removed.
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