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name: User-Readable Name Here
description: User-readable description here
type: javascript # Available types: web-component, javascript, stylesheet, font, images, unknown, other
resources: # Resources tells the CDN which files to include. You can use globs to include entire directories.
- 'my-file.js' #This is just a file name/glob. It'll be copied as-is
- src: dist/** #This object, using src: and dest: , defines files that we want to move from one location to another.
dest: ./ # In this example, some build process puts files in 'dist', but we want to move them to the root directory
- name: viewport
content: 'width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0'
- byu-theme-components.min.css
- src: byu-theme-components.min.js
async: true
body: >
<h1 slot="site-title">Your Site Title Here</h1>
Content Goes Here
show_in_directory: false #defaults to true
docs: #This is a URL to documentation about how to use the library
provider: circleci
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