How to customize the look of the error bubbles when an HTML 5 form is submitted with errors. Custom look across all supporting browsers.
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Custom Form Error Bubbles

By default all major browsers have their own CSS styles for the error messages when a form is submitted and some fields are empty or with a wrong value.

In order to have custom look for the bubbles across all supporting browsers the only option is to suppress the default bubble and implement your own.

	// preventing the default behavior

	var form = document.querySelector('form');

	form.addEventListener('invalid', function(event) {

      // do stuff
    }, true);

In the html file you will find a really simple example, the required attribute is a must in all the elements that you need to validate.

Take a look to all the possible values for the type attribute used in the input tag.


Using the required attribute for a group of check boxes fails because when you submit the form the error message pops up for the unchecked boxes.

To solve this you need to add a common class for all this elements and add/remove the required attribute programmatically.

There is a version for plain javascript and another one for jQuery.

demo image


There is a lot to improve:

  1. Adding a node server with nodemailer to receive custom message after a success submit.
  2. Adding more ways to display the error messages.
  3. Improve the code.
  4. ...