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A Mathematica mode for Emacs
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Emathica - A Mathematica mode for GNU Emacs

Emathica is an addon for Emacs that allows for a quick edit-save-load-run cycle.
Emathica.el provides two Emacs major modes and a fast way to switch between them:

                       press F2

foo.m buffer           ------------------------->      Mathematica buffer
in emathica-m-mode                                     in emathica-comint-mode

                       press F2

When editing foo.m in emathica-m-mode, pressing F2 loads foo.m into a Mathematica 
kernel running as a subprocess of Emacs. It starts this process unless it is already 
running, and gives focus to the Mathematica interaction buffer.

Conversely, in emathica-comint-mode, pressing F2 gives focus to the buffer for 
editing foo.m If Mathematica found a syntax error, the cursor is on the error line.
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