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My NanoPi NEO/NEO2 configs files for Buildroot
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        NanoPi NEO/NEO2 configs for Buildroot


Create a network audio player with
  - the smallest SBC 4cm x 4cm
  - a minimal Linux system
  - UPnP/OpenHome renderer: upmpdcli/mpd (works with MinimServer)
  - Apple AirPlay: shairport-sync
  - streaming services: Qobuz, Tidal and Google Music
  - OpenHome Radio service for internet radio stations
  - Squeezelite installed but not used (for LMS)
  - Roon Bridge (uncomment a few lines in
  - USB audio output
  - CPU isolation: cores 2 and 3 only for MPD, Squeezelite and Roon Bridge

How to build

  $ sudo apt-get install libncurses-dev build-essential gettext-base  

  $ git clone br
  $ cd br
  $ git clone -b 2019.02.x --single-branch git:// buildroot-2019.02.x
  $ mkdir nanopineo2-output  (mkdir nanopineo-output)
  $ cd nanopineo2-output     (cd nanopineo-output)
  $ make O=$PWD -C ../buildroot-2019.02.x defconfig BR2_DEFCONFIG=../configs/nanopi-neo2_buildroot-2019.02.x_linux-4.19.x_defconfig
   (make O=$PWD -C ../buildroot-2019.02.x defconfig BR2_DEFCONFIG=../configs/nanopi-neo_buildroot-2019.02.x_linux-4.19.x_defconfig)
  [$ make menuconfig]
  [$ make savedefconfig]
  [$ make linux-menuconfig]
  $ make

Write the image file to a microSD card (for example /dev/sdb)

  $ sudo dd bs=4M if=images/sdcard.img of=/dev/sdb  
  $ sudo sync

Insert the microSD card in NanoPi NEO|NEO2 and power it up. 
Use ssh to connect to NanoPi NEO|NEO2: login/password = root/root
See for more details.
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