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what does objective function mean(the link above is not valid any more)? like delegate in C#?

bzEq pushed to issue751 at bzEq/xgboost
  • @bzEq d9e50fd
    __copy__ calls __deepcopy__ with an argument
bzEq opened pull request dmlc/xgboost#763
fix signature of __deepcopy__ method
1 commit with 1 addition and 1 deletion
bzEq created branch issue751 at bzEq/xgboost
bzEq pushed to master at bzEq/dotEmacs
  • @bzEq 5aa57c6
    change default theme to monokai
bzEq pushed to master at bzEq/PM25
  • 30fe8d6
    close port if catch exception
bzEq created branch master at bzEq/PM25
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