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The Russian Declension Library for .NET

As computers become more clever and closer to humans, they master human languages. The amount of computer generated text continues its exponential growth. Bills, emails, facebook updates...

Many languages, including Russian, Arabic and German, have a grammatical feature called declension, also known as inflection. Just as English nouns change with number (1 message, 2 messages), Russian nouns change with both numbers and cases. Cases are roles of nouns in a sentence such as subject, object, tool or recipient: Bob gave the book to Alice. Here Bob is the subject, the book is the object and Alice is the recipient.

In order to generate a sentence such as Bob has tagged Alice in a photo in Russian (Боб отметил Алису на фотографии), one needs to apply the correct cases to Alice and photo. That's exactly where Russian Morpher comes in with its ability to morph any noun or noun phrase to get it to reflect the correct case.

Morpher.API is a .NET library that provides easy to use interfaces to declension and number spelling functionality. The functionality itself is implemented as a web service that is publicly available at