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Poem Generator

* Batya Zamansky
* Zachary Zimmerman
* Amanda Boss
* Tiffany Phan

Team Leader: Batya Zamansky

Front End: Amanda and Tiffany Back End: Batya and Zachary

Currently located here

Necessary stuff to download:

  • flask
  • nltk
  • download nltk cmudict in nltk
  • urllib2
  • regex

Our project:

The Poem-Generator will have a better name by Friday. Our project will generate poems from dictionaries of words, in different poetic forms and themes. We will generate them and place them on the website. Users of the website will have a profile where they can see their poems, and a newsfeed where they can see other people's poems and like them. We might add pictures to the poems, and we might add sharing capabilities for the poems.

Our Goals: What we will have done by the Friday we get back from break:

  • Hopefully a better name
  • Maybe something that will allow us to make proper sentences in our poems.
  • Starting to put some of the stuff onto the front end.

What we will have done by the Friday after that (4/12/13): More Stuff

  • Have some mongo stuff done for sessions
  • Make the front end look prettier with less
  • Plan donut budget

What we currently have done

  • We can generate random haikus
  • Actually we can generate lines of poems of any length it's just that if a haiku doesn't have gramatical stuff fixing it it's still good
  • We also can mostly generate rhyming words, Batya is working more on that

So not so bad so far, right?

Also I'm not quite sure why I had to type this up here when I could have just walked into the living room and told you.

useful links: