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Group Members
Batya Zamansky: Group Leader
Dexter Tong
Zuzanna Rybicka
Brian Lam

Project: Recipe Pricer


Our project prices out recipes. You can search up a recipe name, and it will give you back the recipe with a list of ingredients and their prices. If it cannot find the recipe properly, it will return you to the home page with an error message to allow you to try another recipe.
Link to project:
  1. Open the webpage.
  2. Look up a recipe name.
  3. Congradulations, you have priced out your recipe!
  4. If you already have an ingredient, you can click on it to move it to 'Ingredients you Have'
  5. You can also move it back if you make a mistake
  6. If you would like to price out another recipe press "home"