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Sounds of the Streets


Batya Zamansky - Sarah Duncan

Batya ⋅ Zachary ⋅ Sarah ⋅ Denis

Project: Musical Maps

  • Plays a song based on current (or entered) location

Located at

How to use this project:

**Install these plugins** * pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client * pip install google maps

Tools used to make this project

  • Google Maps api (including their places library)
  • api
  • Youtube API
  • Donut Budget
  • Dumb Ways to Die

How to use:

  • Click on the map to get a song based on the clicked location
  • Use the toggle bar to search for songs based on the address of the location or of places nearby the location
  • You can enter an address or place into the search bar to find it
  • Press the 'Use My Location' button to get your current location
  • The youtube video will auto-play when you choose a location
  • When you finish the current song you can go through the list of songs found at that location