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Author: Bohumír Zámečník

The Pango game is a 2D maze with some creatures. The goal is to kill all the enemies, gather bonuses and survive.

It is a remake of the Pango for MS-DOS from 1983, which was a clone of an arcade game Pengo. Take a look at a screencast of the original Pango at YouTube.

We played this game with my brother about 20 years ago as children (around 1993). "Pango" sticked as his nickname until today. About 5 years ago at the university I made a remake of this game. It was a semester project at the Programming II course.

The game is rewritten from scratch in C#/.NET. The artwork is from the original Pango.


  • arrows - move the player
  • space - run the game, attack enemies (by hitting the wall)
  • P - pause
  • Esc - quit the game

Command-line arguments

pango.exe [MAP_FILE]

You can specify the file with the map definition. When nothing is given the maps.txt is used by default.