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BzDeck is a useful, experimental Bugzilla client aiming to improve the usability and productivity of the popular bug tracking system from Mozilla, on both desktop and mobile, by bringing various UX enhancements. BzDeck also demonstrates modern Web standard technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, WAI-ARIA 1.1 and ECMAScript 6.

We bring Bugzilla to the 21st century!

BzDeck screenshot

Update: We have decided to abandon BzDeck and instead bring all the UX innovations to Bugzilla to help make it a modernized, productive, competitive issue tracking system. See our Project Update for details.


This release is at an early stage of the project. The features, performance, user interface, code are still all unrefined, but here are some highlights:

  • Quick Sign-in: Thanks to the Bugzilla Auth Delegation and QR code authentication on mobile, you can easily get started with the app.
  • Personalized Inbox: Quickly find bugs related to you with personalized bug lists, which you've been CCed, reported, assigned, QA Contact, mentor and requested a review/info. Bugs with unread changes will be highlighted on your Inbox.
  • Smart timeline: Each bug page in a two pane layout makes it easier to follow the comments and changes while watching the metadata. Media attachments are displayed inline. Timelines are updated realtime so you don't have to worry about "mid-air collisions", thanks to Bugzilla's Bugzfeed push notification service.
  • Easy comments & uploads: Post a comment to a bug without page refresh. Attach multiple files by selecting them or dragging & dropping a folder, files, text or link.
  • Mobile support: BzDeck runs on the Android mobile and tablet versions of Firefox.
  • Attachment browser: Spot attached files at a glance with the enhanced UI and coloured Patch Viewer.
  • Easy browsing: With an Ajaxy UI, browse bugs without having to leave your search results.
  • Starring bugs: Keep your favourite bugs.
  • Quick Search: Find a bug as you type.
  • Offline support: Browse bugs even when your device is not connected to the Internet. We'll provide a richer offline experience in the future.
  • Settings: Choose your preferred theme, time zone, font, sort order of comments, and more.

A bunch of exciting features are planned, including:

  • Notification Centre
  • Smart and powerful search
  • Bug reporter
  • Component watching & saved search
  • Markdown support
  • Online storage service integration
  • Personal and Project Dashboard
  • Sync
  • Better accessibility, performance and mobile support

See our issue tracker for our future plans.


This project was originally started in 2006 but later has been interrupted for years. The recent technology breakthrough enables to build modern Web applications much easier, that made us decide to resume the development. Actually we've rebuilt the app from scratch. Our code uses no JavaScript library because we'd like to take full advantage of those technologies especially ECMAScript 6. It's worth mentioning that we also have been inspired by the Make Bugzilla Pretty Contest in 2011.

Getting Started

As BzDeck leverages the latest technologies as described above, it requires Firefox Nightly to run. BzDeck is currently optimized for Mozilla's Bugzilla and its latest REST API. Other browsers and Bugzilla instances will be supported in the future.

Visit to sign in today. We welcome your feedback!

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