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Bugzilla API Enhancements

Kohei Yoshino edited this page Oct 21, 2016 · 6 revisions

All API bugs

  • Put everything on /bug/ including the comments, history and attachments, like the legacy BzAPI (Bug 994896)
  • Provide comprehensive Bugzilla configurations, like the legacy BzAPI (Bug 504937)
  • Provide duplicates list on /bug/ (Bug 880163)
  • Support Markdown syntax (Bug 1080840)

Bug fixes:

  • Cannot retrieve multiple bugs/users when one or more entries are private or not found (Bug 1169040) - workaround
  • The bug_user_last_visit method returns an empty array for old bugs (Bug 1169181)
  • Loading /rest/bug/field takes too long (Bug 1251047)
  • Loading /rest/product takes too long (Bug 1251064)
  • Bugzfeed update command returns a wrong date format (Bug 1032307)

For personal preference sync:

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