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What is BzDeck?

BzDeck is an experimental Web application in the form of a Bugzilla client. It aims to improve the usability of Bugzilla, a popular bug tracking system from Mozilla, on both desktop and mobile. Our mission is increasing the productivity of Mozilla developers by offering a premier Bugzilla client and eliminating spammy bug mails. BzDeck also demonstrates the modern Web standard technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, WAI-ARIA and ECMAScript 7.

What features are in BzDeck?

BzDeck provides a handy list of bugs related to you, smart timeline, Ajaxy bug browser, quick search, mobile support and more. See our introduction for more details on the features, wish list, and under the hood.

What's the difference from other Bugzilla clients?

First of all, BzDeck is a Web application. It makes the best use of modern Web technologies instead of relying any existing JavaScript library or framework. BzDeck seeks better user experience especially for Mozilla developers by providing a personalized bug list and streamlining their workflow.

Is BzDeck a Mozilla project?

No, BzDeck is not affiliated with or endorsed by Mozilla. It's just one of third-party Bugzilla clients, not a prototype of a future version of Bugzilla.

Why BzDeck asks my Bugzilla user name?

BzDeck searches your user name (email address) against Bugzilla to provide a handy list of bugs you're involved: CCed, reported, assigned, and QA Contact. See our screenshots in action. The sign-in process is not a user authentication, thus you don't have to provide your password.

Do I have to provide my Bugzilla password?

No. Your email address is enough to retrieve bugs related to you. If you'd like to make changes to bugs, like leaving a comment or attaching files, you have to give BzDeck your Bugzilla API Key to authenticate against the Bugzilla API.

Does BzDeck store my data?

When you sign into the app, your Bugzilla account name (email address) and API key will be sent from Bugzilla to the BzDeck server through URL parameters as a result of the Bugzilla Authentication Delegation flow, and the information along with your IP address will be logged as part of the server's access log. We will never use or disclose your personally identifiable information to anyone else. You can revoke your API key anytime on Bugzilla.

How can I delete my data?

Though there is no UI in the app at this moment, you can delete your data in your browser. Open BzDeck in Firefox first. Select Tools > Page Info in the Firefox menu, select the Permissions tab, then click the Clear Storage button. That's it.

Does BzDeck work on my browser?

As BzDeck actively leverages the latest technologies, the app requires Firefox Nightly for desktop or mobile to run.

BzDeck may not work with other browsers, because it uses some Firefox-specific CSS features. The main targets of the app are Mozilla developers, so it won't be a problem so far. We'd like to support other browsers in the future.

Does BzDeck work on mobile?

Yes, BzDeck runs on Firefox for Android, both on mobile and tablet. BzDeck is not compatible with Firefox for iOS because the browser is based on WebKit.

Does BzDeck work in offline mode?

Yes. You can browse bugs you have already downloaded. We'll deliver a richer offline experience in the future, including offline bug editing.

Is BzDeck available for free?

Yes. In the future, we might have an affordable premium version in order to cover our hosting, domain and other costs, but anyway we have no plan to monetize the app. The basic features are always free.

Is BzDeck available in my language?

BzDeck currently supports English only, but Localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n) are planned. The main developer of BzDeck is a Japanese guy who is experienced in l10n.

Is BzDeck available for my Bugzilla instance?

BzDeck uses the BzAPI extension of in addition to Bugzilla's native REST API. Once we can drop the dependency on BzAPI, the app will be able to support your own Bugzilla instance, but our priority is low.

Where can I find the privacy policy of BzDeck?

We currently have a basic privacy notice. Our full policy will be provided once the app hits 1.0.

Where can I find the source of BzDeck?

The source code can be found on GitHub.

What kind of technologies are used in BzDeck?

A bunch of the latest cool stuff! See our Tech Notes for details.

The user interface is awkward. The performance is terrible.

Please note that BzDeck is at an early stage. It will be constantly improved. Thank you for your patience.

Who is behind BzDeck?

BzDeck has been developed by Kohei Yoshino. He is an active Mozilla community member since 2002, and worked for Mozilla Japan from 2004 to 2012 as a full-time employee.

How can I get the updates on BzDeck?

You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or Google+.

How can I provide feedback to BzDeck?

We'd like to improve the work flow of Bugzilla users. Your comments and suggestions are important to us, so please share your thoughts from Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Or just drop us a line at