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Please refer to the pysmug mercurial repository for exhaustive
change details.
pysmug ChangeLog
Changes in v0.5 (10-14-2008):
* added smugfind[.py] for command line searching through albums
* added tagcloud function
* fixed a number of bugs with downloading associated with the 1.2.2
security changes
Changes in v0.4 (05-13-2008):
* fully tested with the 1.2.2 API changes
* integrated nose tests
* configuration for login() now uses ConfigParser rather than eval
(backwards incompatible changes to the config file)
* added the ability to choose the API version to use (defaults to 1.2.2)
* added albums_details which returns detailed information about an
album and all containing images (include EXIF if requested)
* added verbose and progress callbacks to assist in debugging
* added smugmug_keywords decorator to correctly format method arguments
* do not send any keywords to SmugMug with a value of None
* updated to use hashlib for md5
* removed examples
* added and fixed documentation
Changes in v0.3 (02-13-2008):
* keyword arguments can have any case and pysmug
will correctly format them to the SmugMug API
* fixed bug in images_upload() where iterating
additional kwargs failed
* removed `protocol` ivar on SmugBase in favor of
`secure`; `protocol` is now a property which returns
"http" or "https" depending on the `secure` ivar
* added support for http proxy server
* added ability to instantiate user supplied class for
* removed support for cjson since it did not properly
handle escaped '\'
* more documentation
* setup changes
Changes in v0.2 (01-30-2008):
* added categories_getTree()
* in batch mode, exceptions are returned in the response
rather than thrown
* http errors are now communicated through exceptions
* better documentation
* added login_withHash()
* no longer raise an exception if no events are pending
for a batch execution -- return an empty iteration
* images_upload() will attempt to open the FileName if
Data is None
* login() will try all three login methods
Changes in v0.1 (01-22-2008):
* initial
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