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@@ -45,8 +45,40 @@ protected function configure()
new InputArgument('setting-key', null, 'Setting key'),
new InputArgument('setting-value', InputArgument::IS_ARRAY, 'Setting value'),
- // @todo Document
+This command allows you to edit some basic composer settings in either the
+local composer.json file or the global config.json file.
+To edit the global config.json file:
+ <comment>php composer.phar --global</comment>
+To add a repository:
+ <comment>php composer.phar vcs</comment>
+You can add a repository to the global config.json file by passing in the
+<info>--global</comment> option.
+If you want to launch your editor with the composer.json file you must have
+\$EDITOR set.
+ <comment>php composer.phar --edit</comment>
+To get a list of configuration values in the file, pass the <info>--list</info> option.
+ <comment>php composer.phar --list</comment>
+You can always pass more than one option. As an example, if you want to edit the
+global config.json file.
+ <comment>php composer.phar --edit --global</comment>
+The command only supports repositories and process-timeout right now.

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