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Here's the code for the application I used for "Party House" at the DorkbotPDX Open Mic Surgery event ( Party House is a project that uses a doll house as a target for projection mapping. This application allows one to create quads and map from an input texture.

This was written over 3 days, so it's not fancy. It has the bare minimum of features I needed to perform.


  • Edit mode for input quads
  • Edit mode for output quads
  • Performance mode
  • Loading and saving mapping
  • Randomly colored quads
  • A roof quad that can contain: a test pattern, "vu meter", pulsed sin blob
  • Plays movies (dancers and mice)

Use / caveats

It expects its source data in the BASE_PATH, so download this data: put it somewhere and update the constant in hausmap_App.cpp. Output mapping is dependent on screen coordinates, so it's not too graceful with screen resolution changes.

Keyboard shortcuts are:

  • F1 - Switch modes
  • "F" full screen/windowed toggle
  • "Z" In output edit mode it will lay out the quads to match the input quads
  • "A" add a surface
  • "S" save mapping
  • "L" load mapping
  • Delete - delete current surface
  • "C" clear input layers
  • "1" load alignment image
  • "2" load glow movie
  • "3" color blocks
  • "4" test pattern on roof
  • "5" vu meter on roof
  • "6" sin blob on roof
  • "7" dancers movie
  • "8" mid section vu meter
  • "9" mice movie
  • "w" create another window
  • Space bar change colors


The basic flow is the app renders to an offscreen FBO in hausmap_App::update, then uses that to render the output objects in hausmap_App::render. Maybe not efficient, but allows for easy compositing. ;)

The code also relies on the wonderful Cinder library. Clone it from and update the CINDER_PATH variable in the xcode project. Grab the appRewrite branch (soon to be Cinder 0.85). I think ControlPoints.h and EditorViewport.* are the beginnings of a framework to create quick editors.

Also, I've only tested/built this with XCode. The Visual Studio projects have not been updated, but I imagine the code would work on Windows without a lot of pain.

bzztbomb (Brian Richardson)

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