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Quick Start

rafalrakowski edited this page Mar 14, 2016 · 9 revisions is an Integration Platform as a Service to easily connect systems using REST API.

Basic Concepts

##Microservice Microservice is a main part of the platform. Can connect to almost any REST API available. Basically a Microservice consists of 3 main parts: Input Connector, Transformation and Output Connector. Look at the diagram below to grasp a basic understanding:

##Input connector It's the mechanism used to receive or send the data to the external system (e.g. using REST API). Data returned by external system API is available in the Transformation as the "in_dict" variable.

##Transformation Transformation is conversion Input Connector data to the Output Connector data using Python code. Below is an example of a simple transformation:

servicenow_notification = in_dict.get('data')

out_dict = {
  "Title": servicenow_notification.get('short_description'),
  "Description": servicenow_notification.get('description'),
  "TypeId": 246277520,
  "Priority": 1 

##Output connector It's the mechanism used to send the data to the external system. Source of the data to send is an "out_dict" variable from the Transformation.

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