c-beam telemetry provider for NASA OpenMCT
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This is a telemetry server for connecting the NASA OpenMCT with information sources on c-base's c-beam telemetry network. It is based on the OpenMCT telemetry adapter tutorial.

Screenshot of OpenMCT with c-beam data


  • Install the dependencies with npm install
  • Build OpenMCT with npm run build


  • Start the service with npm start

If you want to change the MQTT broker address, set the MSGFLO_BROKER environment variable before starting the service.

Read more in https://bergie.iki.fi/blog/nasa-openmct-iot-dashboard/.

Adding information sources

c-beam topics are mapped to OpenMCT data in the installation's runner file in config/.


  • Mapping more c-beam data
  • Custom displays combining different data points (like a green/red bar status UI)
  • UIs for station functionality