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c-base station announcer Build Status Greenkeeper badge Docker Hub

c-base is a space station, and space stations have announcements. This project can produce them. Plenty of!

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Examples of output

Security advise. Due to intergalactic regulations, passengers are required to keep their antigravity generators with them at all times.

Passengers to Berlin Brandenburg International. Please be adviced that the spaceport is unlikely to ever exist in this spacetime continuum

Weyland Yutani launch 113 to Kapteyn B is leaving from clamp portal 32

Passenger Adams proceed immediately to pod bay 41. You are delaying the shuttle

Starship Titanic launch to Kepler 62 has been delayed due to death star sighting. Estimated departure in 1203 years


You need Node.js. Install the project with:

$ npm install station-announcer -g


Once installed, you can run it with:

$ station-announcer-textonly

The announcements will be written to STDOUT.

If you're in c-base crew network you can only trigger these in audio with:

$ station-announcer

(Note: only triggers an announcement with 20% probability)

Using with NoFlo

The main logic is provided in the station-annoucer/Announcer graph. This can be used as a subgraph and connected to external systems.

Contributing data

The announcement templates live in templates.yaml file. Add new entries as needed. Templates use Underscore.js template syntax.

Variables can be defined in their appropriate data files in the data dir.