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A library for building powerful interactive prompts inspired by python-prompt-toolkit, making it easier to build cross-platform command line tools using Go.

package main

import (

func completer(d prompt.Document) []prompt.Suggest {
	s := []prompt.Suggest{
		{Text: "users", Description: "Store the username and age"},
		{Text: "articles", Description: "Store the article text posted by user"},
		{Text: "comments", Description: "Store the text commented to articles"},
	return prompt.FilterHasPrefix(s, d.GetWordBeforeCursor(), true)

func main() {
	fmt.Println("Please select table.")
	t := prompt.Input("> ", completer)
	fmt.Println("You selected " + t)

Projects using go-prompt


Powerful auto-completion


(This is a GIF animation of kube-prompt.)

Flexible options

go-prompt provides many options. Please check option section of GoDoc for more details.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Emacs-like keyboard shortcuts are available by default (these also are the default shortcuts in Bash shell). You can customize and expand these shortcuts.

keyboard shortcuts

Key Binding Description
Ctrl + A Go to the beginning of the line (Home)
Ctrl + E Go to the end of the line (End)
Ctrl + P Previous command (Up arrow)
Ctrl + N Next command (Down arrow)
Ctrl + F Forward one character
Ctrl + B Backward one character
Ctrl + D Delete character under the cursor
Ctrl + H Delete character before the cursor (Backspace)
Ctrl + W Cut the word before the cursor to the clipboard
Ctrl + K Cut the line after the cursor to the clipboard
Ctrl + U Cut the line before the cursor to the clipboard
Ctrl + L Clear the screen


You can use Up arrow and Down arrow to walk through the history of commands executed.


Multiple platform support

We have confirmed go-prompt works fine in the following terminals:

  • iTerm2 (macOS)
  • (macOS)
  • Command Prompt (Windows)
  • gnome-terminal (Ubuntu)



Masashi Shibata


This software is licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE for more information.

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