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from http.client import responses as http_responses
import os
import re
import cgi
import json
from urllib.parse import parse_qs, urljoin
from wsgiref.headers import Headers
from jinja2 import Environment, FileSystemLoader
def http404(request):
return Response('404 Not Found', status=404)
def http405(request):
return Response('405 Method Not Allowed', status=405)
class Router:
def __init__(self, append_slash=True):
self.routes = []
self.append_slash = append_slash
def add(self, method, path, callback):
'method': method,
'path': path,
'path_compiled': re.compile(path),
'callback': callback
def match(self, method, path):
if self.append_slash and not path.endswith('/'):
def callback(request):
return make_redirect_response(request, path + '/')
return callback, {}
error_callback = http404
for r in self.routes:
matched = r['path_compiled'].match(path)
if not matched:
error_callback = http405
url_vars = matched.groupdict()
if method == r['method']:
return r['callback'], url_vars
return error_callback, {}
class Request:
def __init__(self, environ, charset='utf-8'):
self.environ = environ
self._body = None
self.charset = charset
def path(self):
return self.environ['PATH_INFO'] or '/'
def method(self):
return self.environ['REQUEST_METHOD'].upper()
def server_protocol(self):
return self.environ['SERVER_PROTOCOL'] # ex) 'HTTP/1.1'
def url_scheme(self):
return self.environ.get('HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO') or \
self.environ.get('wsgi.url_scheme', 'http')
def host(self):
return self.environ.get('HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST') or \
def forms(self):
form = cgi.FieldStorage(
params = {k: form[k].value for k in form}
return params
def query(self):
return parse_qs(self.environ['QUERY_STRING'])
def body(self):
if self._body is None:
content_length = int(self.environ.get('CONTENT_LENGTH') or 0)
self._body = self.environ['wsgi.input'].read(content_length)
return self._body
def text(self):
return self.body.decode(self.charset)
def json(self):
return json.loads(self.body)
class Response:
default_status = 200
default_charset = 'utf-8'
default_content_type = 'text/html; charset=UTF-8'
def __init__(self, body='', status=None, headers=None, charset=None):
self._body = body
self.status = status or self.default_status
self.headers = Headers()
self.charset = charset or self.default_charset
if headers:
for name, value in headers.items():
self.headers.add_header(name, value)
def body(self):
if isinstance(self._body, str):
return [self._body.encode(self.charset)]
return [self._body]
def status_code(self):
return "%d %s" % (self.status, http_responses[self.status])
def header_list(self):
if 'Content-Type' not in self.headers:
self.headers.add_header('Content-Type', self.default_content_type)
return self.headers.items()
class TemplateResponse(Response):
default_content_type = 'text/html; charset=UTF-8'
def __init__(self, filename, status=200, headers=None, charset=None, **tpl_args):
self.filename = filename
self.tpl_args = tpl_args
super().__init__(body='', status=status, headers=headers, charset=charset)
def render_body(self, jinja2_environment):
template = jinja2_environment.get_template(self.filename)
return [template.render(**self.tpl_args).encode(self.charset)]
class JSONResponse(Response):
default_content_type = 'text/json; charset=UTF-8'
def __init__(self, dic, status=200, headers=None, charset=None, **dump_args):
self.dic = dic
self.json_dump_args = dump_args
super().__init__('', status=status, headers=headers, charset=charset)
def body(self):
return [json.dumps(self.dic, **self.json_dump_args).encode(self.charset)]
def make_redirect_response(request, path):
status = 303 if request.server_protocol != "HTTP/1.0" else 302 # minimum support is HTTP/1.0
location = urljoin(f"{request.url_scheme}://{}", path)
headers = {'Location': location}
return Response(f"Redirecting to {location}", status=status, headers=headers)
class App:
def __init__(self, templates=None):
self.router = Router()
loader = FileSystemLoader(templates or [os.path.join(os.path.abspath('.'), 'templates')])
self.jinja_environment = Environment(loader=loader)
def route(self, path=None, method='GET', callback=None):
def decorator(callback_func):
self.router.add(method, path, callback_func)
return callback_func
return decorator(callback) if callback else decorator
def __call__(self, env, start_response):
request = Request(env)
callback, kwargs = self.router.match(request.method, request.path)
response = callback(request, **kwargs)
start_response(response.status_code, response.header_list)
if isinstance(response, TemplateResponse):
return response.render_body(self.jinja_environment)
return response.body