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  1. A lightweight, modular standard library extension, string library, and interfaces to various libraries (unix, threads, etc.) BSD license.

    OCaml 327 60

  2. QuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml.

    OCaml 169 20

  3. Simple iterator abstract datatype, intended to iterate efficiently on collections while performing some transformations.

    OCaml 64 4

  4. An automatic theorem prover in OCaml for typed higher-order logic with equality, datatypes and arithmetic, based on superposition+rewriting; and Logtk, a supporting library for manipulating terms, …

    OCaml 43 6

  5. Purely functional iterators compatible with standard `seq`.

    OCaml 23 4

  6. Minimal HTTP server using good old threads and `Scanf` for routing.

    OCaml 32 2

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