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Bare-OCaml build

A simple code generator and runtime library for BARE following the spec.


  • runtime library named Bare, with entrypoints for encoding/decoding all the base types over Buffer.t and bytes respectively.

  • code generator for producing OCaml code with type declarations and encoder/decoder functions.

    • the code generator can handle mutually recursive types and out-of-order declarations, by sorting them first. Each type gets its own toplevel module; for example type foo int will become:

      module Int = struct
        type t = int64
        let decode =let encode =end
    • pretty-printers can be generated using the --pp option

    • the generated code can be made dependency-free by using --standalone. In that case, the code for the Bare module will be inserted at the beginning of the generated code.

  • basic testing (needs to be improved when test vectors are published)

  • basic vim syntax files in data/vim/