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SCReen Adjusted Panoramic Effect
Transfer 3D worlds developed in Processing to a CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE)


What's a CAVE?

Imagine you enter a cube shaped room. The room is totally bare. There is nothing to be seen. All of a sudden the walls, floor and ceiling come alive. You are surrounded by a wonderful exhibition of animated images that are linked together to create a stunning panoramic display. All around you, you can hear a multitude of different sounds. The animated images start to gain depth and the walls gently melt away as you become completely immersed in a fully 3D world. You move your body in different ways and as you do so you begin to interact with and control this new world. Welcome to the 'Ultimate CAVE'!

OK, so our CAVE may not be the 'Ultimate CAVE' but it's still pretty darn cool!


What's Processing?

A sublime open source interactive visualisation programming tool
Find out more:


After spending a few years working with a four wall CAVE environment, I became very interested in the possibility of taking the concept of the CAVE and making it more accessible to professionals and hobbyists alike. After playing around with Processing I wanted to see if it would be possible to bring this wonderful tool and adapt it to work as the primary engine for a CAVE. I hoped to develop something that would work just as well on a zero budget homemade CAVE as a million dollar research CAVE. I also wanted a setup that could be flexible and accommodate different screen numbers and sizes, different controllers and both stereo and non stereo images. After much tinkering about and through the use of some wonderful libraries (as well as a bit of my own code thrown in) I managed to put together a simple platform for a CAVE environment supporting up to six unique screens. The result is SCRAPE.

Getting Started

Full setup instructions and additional information available in the the wiki


Desktop Demo:
CAVE Demo:


Don't forget to check out SCRAPE's sister project 'Nunchuckoo' which shows you how to hook up a Wii Nunchuck to SCRAPE:


Project developed by Carl Flynn

All made possible by: alpha


SCReen Adjusted Panoramic Effect - Transfer 3D worlds developed in Processing to a CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE)



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