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NY JavaSIG 20151118 HelloJava Datetime Workshop
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What is this source code for?

This source code is the initial content shared in the NYJavaSIG HelloJava workshop on Java 8 date and time API changes. This source code has several tests that fail.

How will the code be used?

Attendees attempt to fix the issues in each JUnit test to satisfy the ask in comments.

The intention is to learn about Java 8 date and time features through a set of examples.

About the workshop

Introduction to Java 8 Date/Time API and a workshop that covers most of the new API. The workshop is to fix broken unit tests that demonstrate the similarities and differences between the two APIs.

Make sure to bring your laptops with these prerequisites:

  • JDK 8u51 or later.
  • An IDE (with Java 8 support).
  • A working knowledge of java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar
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