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Repeatable "template-less" jQuery plugin


The Repeatable is template-less mechanism for populating various list, tables, etc. by arrays containing objects. Temlate-less here means that you don't need to use templates for your repeteables anywere except of markup itself.


Let's assume that you would want to populate (render) some list with some data stored as objects in some array:

var data = [
       { name: "Olga", age: 20, email: "" },
       { name: "Peter", age: 30, email: "" },
       { name: "Ivan", age: 15, email: "" },

Then with the Repeatable you can define your list in markup as:

<ul id="people">
    <li><a href="mailto:{{}}">{{}}</a> <b if="this.age > 18">18+</b> </li> 
    <li>No data available</li>

First <li> above is so called record template - it will appear in the DOM for each element in the data array. Second <li> element will appear once and only if you will feed the repeatable by empty array.

Having all these the Repeatable makes list population extremely simple:

var list = $("ul#people").repeatable(); // declaring the repeatable
    list.value = data; // that's data population, sic!

Note list.value = data; above, by assigning array data to the value property of the repetable you are populating the list by the data.

Live demo:

Record template microformat

Any text or attribute value in the repeatable section may contain expressions enclosed in "mustache" brackets {{ ...expr ...}}.

While populating records each such expression will be executed and it's return value (string) will be put in the DOM replacing {{...}} placeholder as a whole.

Environment variables

In repeatable expressions following variables have special meaning:

  • this - refers to the record (object) being processed (rendered);
  • $index - number, index of current record;
  • $first - true if this is the first record;
  • $last - true if this is the last record;
  • $length - number, total number of records in the array.


Any element inside repeatable section can be declared as conditional by using if="...expr..." attribute. Expression defined by the attribute will be evaluated and if its result is "truthy" the element will be rendered, otherwise - removed from the DOM.