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NOTE: sciter-js-sdk is moved to

Build cross platform desktop applications with HTML, CSS and javascript.

Tutorials, Documentation and Development logfile.


Sciter.JS uses QuickJS in particular QuickJS++.

  • ES6: async/await, classes, modules, destructuring;
  • BigInt, BigFloat, BigDecimal - arbitrary precision IEEE 754 floating point operations and transcendental functions with exact rounding (currency, etc);
  • Node.JS runtime (more or less full) is coming;


  • Windows - i32, i64 and arm64 - published;
  • Linux - i64, arm32 (Raspberry Pi) - published;
  • MacOS - i64 and arm64 - published;
  • Mobiles - pending;


Calc demo (universal: Browser and Sciter)


Browser and Sciter

Linux (Raspbian on Raspberry Pi in particular)

Linux on Raspberry Pi


Path: samples/calc

Browser and Sciter shows the same HTML document.

To run demo start run-calculator-browser.bat or run-calculator-sciter.bat. The later will start - standalone Sciter engine.

Mithril demo (universal: Browser and Sciter)

Path: samples/mithril

Sciter.JS runs mithril as it is. Only basic use cases are thested so far though.