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A HTTP interface to the Project Gutenberg corpus.
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This project is an HTTP wrapper for the Python Gutenberg API. As such, it lets you search for books, retrieve information about books and get the text of books via a set of easy-to-use HTTP endpoints.

The API is implemented using the Sanic web-framework and served in a Docker container. You can run the project locally using:

docker-compose up

This will serve the API at http://localhost:8000. It will take a while to bring up the service the first time since the Gutenberg metadata cache needs to get populated.


Fetch all metadata for a book

# fetch all metadata for a book-id
curl 'http://localhost:8000/texts/2701'
  "metadata": {
    "title": ["Moby Dick; Or, The Whale"],
    "rights": ["Public domain in the USA."],
    "author": ["Melville, Herman"],
    "subject": [
      "Mentally ill -- Fiction",
      "Whaling -- Fiction",
      "Ship captains -- Fiction",
      "Sea stories",
      "Whaling ships -- Fiction",
      "Psychological fiction",
      "Ahab, Captain (Fictitious character) -- Fiction",
      "Whales -- Fiction",
      "Adventure stories"
    "language": ["en"]
  "text_id": 2701

Fetch specific metadata for a book

# fetch specific metadata for a book-id
curl 'http://localhost:8000/texts/2701?include=title,author'
  "metadata": {
    "author": ["Melville, Herman"],
    "title": ["Moby Dick; Or, The Whale"]
  "text_id": 2701

Fetch the text of a book

# fetch the text for a book-id
curl 'http://localhost:8000/texts/2701/body'

Simple search for books

# simple single-predicate query with field expansion
curl 'http://localhost:8000/search/title eq Moby Dick?include=author,rights,language'
  "texts": [
      "author": ["Melville, Herman"],
      "language": ["en"],
      "text_id": 9147,
      "rights": ["Copyrighted. Read the copyright notice inside this book for details."]
      "author": ["Melville, Herman"],
      "language": ["en"],
      "text_id": 15,
      "rights": ["Public domain in the USA."]

Conjunctive query for books

# conjunctive query
curl 'http://localhost:8000/search/author eq "Melville, Herman" and rights eq "Public domain in the USA." and title eq "Moby Dick"'
{"texts": [{"text_id": 15}]}
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