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bar ain't recursive - A lightweight xcb based bar
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b(ar) a(in't) r(ecursive)

2012 (C) The Lemon Man

A lightweight bar based on XCB (yay). Provides foreground/background color switching along with text alignment (screw you dzen!), full utf8 support and reduced memory footprint. Nothing less and nothing more.


bar accepts a couple of command line switches.

-h      Show the help and bail out.
-p      Make the bar permanent.
-b      Show the bar at the bottom of the screen.


Change the config.h file and you're good to go! The text background and foreground are respectively the first and the second entries in the palette (COLOR0 and COLOR1).


Attached there's, an handy tool that extracts a palette from your X colors and returns it ready to be pasted in the configuration file. <.Xresources / .Xdefaults path>

If you keep your colors in a separate file just feed that file and you're good to go.

Text formatting

All the format commands are preceded by a backslash (\). To draw a backslash just backslash escape it (\\).

f<0-9>  Selects the text foreground color from the palette.
b<0-9>  Selects the text background color from the palette.
u<0-9>  Selects the underline color from the palette.
        To reset the bg/fg/underline color just pass 'r' as the color index.

l       Aligns the text to the left.
c       Aligns the text to the center.
r       Aligns the text to the right.
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