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bgs - back ground setter

bgs is an extremely fast and small background setter for X.


In order to build bgs you need the Xlib and Imlib2 header files.


Edit to match your local setup (bgs is installed into the /usr/local namespace, with Xinerama support enabled by default).

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install bgs (if necessary as root):

# make clean install

Running bgs

run once:

supposing bgs is installed,

$ bgs /path/to/image

will rescale the image to fit the screen.

$ bgs -c /path/to/image

will center the image on the screen.

$ bgs -s /path/to/image

will stretch the image to fill the screen.

Given more than one image, bgs will set the background of each monitor (if multiple monitors are present) to the corresponding image respectively.

..more is there, read the man page.

In order to connect bgs to a specific display, make sure that the DISPLAY environment variable is set correctly, e.g.:

$ bgs <image> &

(This will start bgs on display :1 of the host

run on X startup:

Add the following line to your ~/.xinitrc to start bgs using startx:

bgs <image> &