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monsterwm-pager - slim bar to show #desktops and #windows per desktop
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a small pager for monsterwm.

it visually displays the number of desktops and number of windows on each desktop in a thin bar.


configuration is done through the source itself.

edit mopag.c and define the prefered colors, for active/inactive desktops, urgent hints, size of bar and markers, and bar placement (top or bottom of the screen).


$ $EDITOR mopag.c
$ make
# make install


on .xinitrc or whatever file is used to start monsterwm do:

monsterwm | mopag

to use with other statusbars like dzen or some_sorta_bar you'll need a fifo. the statusbars will read info from the fifo, while the pager from monsterwm's output through tee.

mkfifo -m 600 "$fifo"

while read ..
    [..snip..] # see
done < "$fifo" | dzen &  # or some_sorta_bar

monsterwm | tree -a "$fifo" | mopag


  • original author is Matus Telgarsky.
  • minor changes by Ivan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis.
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