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A python based poolhopper for bitcoin
Python Shell
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#Copyright (C) 2011,2012 Colin Rice
#This software is licensed under an included MIT license.
#See the file entitled LICENSE
#If you were not provided with a copy of the license please contact: 
# Colin Rice

# Ubuntu installation
Run the following in your terminal:

#Install dependencies
sudo apt-get install python2.7 git python2.7-dev python-setuptools python-pip libevent-dev git python-dev

#Download bitHopper
git clone git://

#Move into the folder
cd bitHopper

#install python dependencies
sudo python install --upgrade
(If this doesn't work run sudo pip install --upgrade requests btcnet_info flask gevent mechanize setuptools)

#run bitHopper

# Go to localhost:8339 and click on workers. Add some pool login information
# Make sure to add some backup pools such as eligius or mtred
# bitHopper will return no work if there are no safe pools to mine

# Point your miner at localhost:8337

Tested and working in Ubuntu 12.04.

# Mining deepbit
There is one other dependency, you need to install numpy
sudo apt-get install python-numpy

# Other Linux Installations
Note: Use pip to install your libraries. We need fairly recent versions of everything.
The libraries bundled with debian are too old.

# Instructions for Windows users
It's a lot more stable and takes less modifications.

Download and install
1. Python
Make sure you are using the 32 bit version.

2. Greenlet

3. Gevent
It is recommended that you install the latest version because some users reported that earlier versions to 1.x cause problems with the latest versions of BitHopper (see )

4. SetupTools

7. BitHopper
Go to downloads and hit zip. Extract the zip to your desktop

8. Bundled Dependencies
Enter the bitHopper folder
Open a console and navigate to the directory where you unzipped BitHopper.
Run the command
> C:\Python27\python.exe install

Running bitHopper
Open a console and navigate to the directory where you unzipped BitHopper.
Run the command
> C:\Python27\python.exe 

#Where to point you miners
Have your miner use http://localhost:8337/

# Configuring user settings
Worker Configuration page: http://localhost:8339/worker
BitHopper Stats page: http://localhost:8339/stats

# Large Scale Users
If you are mining with more than ~5GH/s you should make sure to do the following.
Make sure you have libevent installed if you are on linux
Put in a couple of workers for each pool you are mining at.
Lots of pools have a global rate limiter for how fast they will accept
work from a single worker
3) If you are running out of connection sockets on the client side send me
an email and I'll walk you through setting up bitHopper to run with uwsgi

# Running the test suite
mv custom_pools_test/test_pool custom_pools

# More help

Email the author at

You can also ask for help in the oficial forum at 
Join us on Freenode ( #bithopper channel.

# Donations

If you think this project is cool and you want features added and bugs hunted down then consider making a p2p donation, anything counts ;)
or have "Donation" pool enabled in your stats page (setup donation percent in your "pools.cfg" - default 1%)

 1HEmzeuVEKxBQkEenysV1yM8oAddQ4o2TX - c00w

 17wp2zfxZKeycWt6NKiueVYmYyrciiuq2t - ryouiki
 1CWjg4soWEAQjMD4dCchdPpJ6fWDBRUU5b - echiu64
 15iS8iDqVCM2MF5ndaS3exR7Kw4LxFf2ra - hawks5999
 1ParaWy6NELDpseL6b1xbKvyhy5eX8f3TW - paraipan
 13hP5QuFccLUZQDNxPwnfmn6q5RiV48TEn - macboy80
 1GgorPurRdDgsbPmoGEJm2WWGxKkJ8ktkf - sdogi

 All the people who contribute to this project -

 flower1024, echiu64 (ed64), graphiclunarkid, elitak, Clipseza, littleant, bb-btc, gnaget, murfshake, Sukrim, gtrrkicw,
 swordv2, bitcoindaddy, rkozola, ryouiki, starlightbreaker, hawks5999, erasmo, pueytan, macboy80, sdogi, joulesbeef,
 Seoulboy1, paraipan, Swicher, lucita777, TenthReality, dfc (Douglas Calvert), dadittoz, cutnpaster, simonk83, xzion,
 HolodeckJizzmopper, Locky7, iongchun

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